A more colorful way to learn

26 Oct

When I took my first ancient history class in high school here in the States, I was very disappointed to find that there was very little covered of Mesopotamia, if anything at all. The same thing happened when I took Western Civilization in college.

In fact, to this day, I know more about Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome than I do about Mesopotamia, and that is sad, but that is the reality of what parts of history the general masses are most exposed to, or even to which they are drawn.

Well, although what I’m about to show you is more of a bible study aid, it can be used as a tool to make Mesopotamian history as fun as ancient Egyptian or Greek or Roman history to anyone, especially those who are very visual and artistic, and if you’re homeschooling your child, you have a chance to give them a one-up on other kids by exploring Mesopotamian history.

Check out this Mesopotamia scrapbook kit:

Available through Heart of Wisdom Homeschool Store. (

You can also just make your own art to pay homage to the cradle of civilization!


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